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RAISE YOUr running TO

5k to 50k, and beyond...


We provide purposeful training programs that will create a structure for you to meet personal and running goals.

We cultivate a collaborative approach with runners to make training enjoyable and successful.

We strive to provide athletes of all levels a program that meet the demands of their lifestyle and their goals.  



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When I found the trail and ultrarunning community I knew that I belonged in this sport. The long months of training and the unique challenge of trail running is an incredible undertaking for any athlete.  Finding success in daily workouts or helping someone finishing 100 miles is so gratifying.

I started coaching when I was 15 years old.  Since those early days on the soccer field with first and second graders I have loved coaching. Working with athletes from elementary age to college athletes and weekend warriors has provided me with so many incredible experiences.  The greatest aspect of coaching is the unyielding human capacity for growth.

What we offer

Each athlete is unique and has a different athletic background.  Taking this into account is the foundation of creating a customized training program.  Coach-athlete discussion and feedback as well as training analysis combines for the best approach for meeting goals and lifelong fitness.


We also integrate physical therapy and dietitian consultation with our programs to facilitate a holistic approach and a well-balanced program.

While we fully believe that a customized and dynamic training program is the best approach for athletes; we also offer coaching consultation and plans for multiple distances. 

Volcano Hiker

sync data & Track progress  

The platform we use to plan training, program workouts, and track data is Training Peaks.  We have found that this is the best option because of their technology integration, advanced analytics, and athlete interface.

Training Peaks also promotes continuing education and evidenced-based practice; both of which we support and believe in greatly!

Lake at Dusk

"Eric from TurnPoint is AMAZING. He has the innate ability to relate to people, which creates the glue

of the athlete-coach relationship."

Jake B.

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