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This is not a race. It's a community of people that love running in the mountains, supporting local business and enjoying beer.

Brew2Brew was started in 2021 with the intent of running from 575 Brewing Company in Alamogordo up into the Sacramento Mountains to finish at Cloudcroft Brewing Company in Cloudcroft. The run will remain a no cost, “fat-ass” event. Registration is free (besides any ultrasign-up registration fees) for runners as this is meant to celebrate our community! Due to the nature of this adventure; this is not something for beginners or ill experienced runners to partake on their own. There is minimal marking and aid on the route.  However, there is amazing terrain and gorgeous views throughout the entire course.  If this sounds like something you are into, get registered ASAP.  We are capping at 45 and the spots will go fast.



Friday, May 6th

  • 6-8:00pm: Check-in, waiver & shindig at 575 Brewing Company​​

    • Pre-run brief & route overview- 7pm

Saturday, May 7th

  • 7:00am: Gather at 575 Brewing

    • Bring cash for a beer​

  • 7:30am: Start from 575 Brewing Company

  • 5:00pm (ish): Last runners in & toast at Cloudcroft Brewing Company

    • You're responsible for a ride back down to Alamogordo

BT100 3 Group.jpg
BT100 3 Group.jpg


This is a loosely marked, minimally supported adventure.  Just us and the mountains.

  • 31 miles, ~7300' elevation gain, max elevation 9100'.

  • First 3 miles and last 1 mile are paved roads, 26 miles of trails and forest roads in between.

  • H2O at 8 miles, 15 miles, 21 miles, 27 miles.

  • Aid station at 8 & 15 miles (AS food is all donated and will be minimal. Bring your own stuff).

  • Route will be marked at turns and junctions.

  • It is your responsibility to remain on route and get yourself to Cloudcroft. 

  • A detailed route description is below.  You can always stick with a local knowledgeable runner to stay on course.

The Breweries

We are proud to have 575 Brewing Company & Cloudcroft Brewing Company as partners in this amazing adventure.


Besides hosting our pre-run shindig, 575 opens their doors for our start on Saturday and pours breakfast beers to fuel the climb.


Cloudcroft Brewing welcomes runners starting in the early afternoon and accommodate us well

into the evening.


This experience would not be what it is without them!​




Through Town:  The run will start at 575 Brewing company in Alamogordo. From there you will head north on Eddy Drive and turn right on 10th Street. This takes you all the way to the Trailhead for the A-trail. From 10th you will veer left onto Paiute Trail for a short section and take a right to begin the climb up the A-Trail.

**This road section will not be closed or blocked off for the event. Please run on the shoulder or sidewalk, obey all traffic/safety laws and respect others using the road and sidewalk.  Please do not jeopardize the event by disrupting traffic.

The Foothills:  The A-Trail is easy to follow and continues to climb for a steep 3 miles. After the initial climb the trail starts rolling as you head deeper into the mountains toward West Side Road (Aid #1). At West Side Road you will take a left and head north on the road towards Courtney Mine Trailhead. You will see a sign for Courtney Mine on your right and this directs you to the trail on your right.

Courtney Mine heads east up and over to Karr Canyon Road. The trail will terminate at Karr Canyon road where you will take a right and start the climb up towards the Rim Trail.  On Karr Canyon Road at mile 14.5ish Aid Station #2 will be locate at the campground off the road on your righthand side.

The Rim Leaving Aid #2 you continue up Karr Canyon Road for a long climb until you intersect the Rim Trail roughly 3.5 miles from when you started the Karr Canyon Road climb. The Rim trail will be on your left and will switchback sharply to the west from your east facing direction on the road.  This is the trail you will take all the way into Cloudcroft. There are only a few spots where you can turn off the trail but they are easy to manage if you are paying attention and are using the gpx or Gaia link. The water station at mile 21 requires a turn off of the main trail but this will be marked well. From the station you do not have to back track you will continue north on the Rim Trail. The last water station will be just after your last climb and will be on the right side of the trail.  You will notice a picnic table and fire ring too.  The water will be on the picnic table. You will know you have reached the Rim Trail TH when you go through a tunnel under the Sunspot Highway.  


Cloudcroft: The trail continues straight ahead and will spit you out on Corona Avenue in Cloudcroft. Take Corona Ave and at the stop sign turn left onto the smaller dirt road.  Follow this road all the way to town. You should be able to smell the BBQ coming from Mad Jack's at the junction of Curlew and Hwy 82. Once you get into town look out for traffic as Cloudcroft is a very popping place to be on a Saturday afternoon. Cross Hwy 82 at the pedestrian crosswalk and turn right onto Burro Ave. (the main street in Cloudcroft). This is the home stretch to Cloudcroft Brewing Company.

If step-by-step directions are not your thing, download the Gaia map or stick with a knowledgeable local runner.

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